The Artist

Hi, I'm Julie Spillane, your local permanent cosmetics artist! I grew up with a mom who was borderline obsessed with "Color Analysis." For those who don't know, Color Analysis was big in the 70s and 80s and taught people their own coloring and what colors looked best on them.  As a child, I thought my mom was a little crazy, always telling people whether their undertones were "warm" or "cool" and what colors they should or should not wear, even complete strangers! At almost 70, she still does it to this day! Little did I know that the the Color Theory behind Color Analysis would play such an important role in my future career.

Fast forward a couple of decades, after spending too many years at a job that was coveted but not fulfilling, I decided that I needed to get back to working with people and having a positive impact in their lives. With much consideration and wanting nothing but the best, I began a months long, intensive apprenticeship in permanent cosmetics. I knew I'd found a career that not only satisfied my desire to enrich people's lives, but that also allowed my artistic side to shine. Since training and education have always been a high priority for me, upon completion of my apprenticeship I immediately pursued additional training and certifications with other top trainers in the state and in the country. Because of my insatiable desire to provide my clients with the very best services and products available, and because this industry is constantly growing, I continue to train regularly with other skilled artists. I am so blessed to be on this wonderful journey that allows me to help people look and, more importantly, feel their best.

In my free time I enjoy yoga, hiking/backpacking, music and art festivals, working on writing multiple books, helping with animal rescue work, snuggling my dogs, and encouraging others on their paths towards happiness.

Still wondering what Color Analysis has to do with a career in permanent cosmetics? A solid understanding of Color Analysis or Color Theory is what gives some permanent cosmetic artists the ability to not only pick the color that will perfectly compliment your skin, eyes and hair, but also the color that will look best once it is healed.