3D Areola Repigmentation

While often considered one of the final steps in a breast cancer survivor's journey towards feeling whole again, Three Dimensional Areola Repigmentation is effective in alleviating many issues people face concerning their areolas and nipples. 

Whether a person is dealing with a loss of color, color irregularities, scars, asymmetrical areolas/nipples, or a lack thereof, 3D Areola Repigmentation offers a minimally invasive solution as a paramedical tattoo. Whatever the case may be, Flourish Beauty Clinic is honored to be entrusted with this delicate process.

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For those who are not quite ready for 3D Areola Repigmentation, quality temporary nipple tattoos may be a good option. Flourish Beauty Clinic is not affiliated with Nippleback Temporary Tattoos, we are simply sharing information to assist our clients. Click Here to see if a style suits your needs.