Microblading - One Woman's Nightmare

Part 1 of our 3 Part Series

While Instagram and Facebook are chock full of gorgeous pictures of women who have just had Microblading done, there is a dark side that is often completely ignored. A simple Google search for “bad microblading” will show that it is not all stunning transformations, and what is supposed to be an exciting occasion can turn into utter heartbreak. Join us for this three part series on Microblading, as we take a look at One Woman’s Nightmare, Uncover Why Our Country is Plagued with Bad Microblading, and Discover What You Can Do to Avoid a Microblading Nightmare. In the follow-up segments we will address the different aspects of this story, as well as many others, that can lead to disaster and how you can avoid a similar fate.

One Woman’s Nightmare  

After a lifetime without eyebrows, Jami was ecstatic when her three daughters bought her a Microblading Groupon for $250. Her life was about to get so much easier. Her eyes were going to be framed with flattering permanent faux brows that she wouldn't have to worry about coming off throughout the day! The “artist” had great before and after photos, was certified by a famous online company, and had a nice studio. Jami couldn't wait to have her brows done. However, once the Microblading session was complete, Jami was utterly shocked.


“I would never wish this on my worst enemy."

“I was devastated.”

-Jami Ledbetter

The realtor turned artist was extremely apologetic, giving Jami a refund and covering the cost of having her brows fixed. Feeling absolutely awful about what she'd done, the realtor immediately quit her Microblading side hustle and went back to her day job.

After leaving her first botched Microblading session, Jami was desperate for something, anything, to be done. Krystal of Dee's Brows assured Jami that she could “camouflage” her eyebrows at her home that very same day. The process was extremely painful, the old brows were camouflaged and a new set of brows were done immediately. Jami saw Krystal in her home a total of 6 times over 3 weeks in an attempt to have her awful brows fixed.

Krystal even posted about Jami's case on her page, Dee's, warning clients about choosing their Microblading artists and acting as though she was some kind of savior in this tragic case.

Sadly, Krystal was not the savior Jami needed. Not even remotely. Krystal was self-taught, tattooing out of her living room.

With Krystal's help, Jami's mind-boggling eyebrows evolved into an even worse nightmare. Instead of two terrible brows, she ended up with FOUR. Jami was so embarrassed she only left home when absolutely necessary. The brows were so dark that makeup was useless in covering them, so her entire life was reduced to going to work and immediately going home, stopping for groceries only if she had to.

“I was even dating a guy and he stopped dating me.”


Her already fragile self-esteem was crushed.

A professional Microblading artist in the area contacted Krystal to let her know what she was doing was wrong, that she was damaging her clients, and begging her to stop working on people until she had proper training. To say Krystal was unconcerned is putting it lightly but a direct quote would not be appropriate to share because of the language used.

After getting nowhere with Krystal, Jami did some research and was directed to Kara Gutierrez, the same professional who later contacted Krystal about the damage she was doing. A wonderful breath of fresh air in this story, Kara is skilled not only in permanent cosmetics but also in tattoo removal. She is respected and recommended by her peers. Of meeting Jami and seeing her brows for the first time, Kara said,

"It took everything in me to hold back tears because this is the worst I've ever seen.”

Correcting what has been done to Jami's face will take multiple sessions of removal and cost an additional $1000 to get her back to where she was before her nightmare began.

This heartbreaking endeavor will cost no less than $1650 total when all is said and done.

Jami has bravely requested that her story be shared far and wide, in hopes that it will help others to avoid a similar fate.

Join us next to Uncover Why Our Country is Plagued with Bad Microblading, then Discover What You Can Do to Avoid a Microblading Nightmare.